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Thread: Failed in PMP Exam

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    Default Failed in PMP Exam


    I failed in the PMP exam last week. I had prepared for 3 months.

    Read the PMP forums and did the exam questions, read the PMBOK guide and appeared in Online Simulation tests.

    I am very sad now. Please advice what to do. Should I take the exam soon, or study for another 2-3 months or longer?



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    Default Hit weak area

    Sorry to read that u didnt pass. I suggest u take another pretest and use the pretest and pmp identified proficient areas to identify the areas u need to focus on. Wouldn't study for another 3 months but come up with a plan based on your weak areas. Also go ahead and reschedule so you will not lose your momentum. Best wishes

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    Read PMPBOK 4 then Rita and if time permit use the Andy Crowe. Rita is little complete. Then do the questions. I can help you in your studies when you are ready for the exam.

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    Default Cheer up, You can do it...

    Hi Monica,

    I am sad to know that you failed in the first attempt. Dont' lose heart.

    Go through PMBOK once again. Initially PMBOK is tough to understand so you need to refer other material to get the basic concepts. Once you are through PMBOK, just the concepts from PMBOK is enough for you to clear the exam.

    Also read Rita's book in detail 1 week before the exam.

    Also attempt online exam at:

    All the best,


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    Hello Monica,

    I passed my PMP on the 3rd time! yup, dont give up!
    Dont rush, after your first time take some rest, a break maybe and relax, get the tension out of your system then when you feel you are ready to start again, start!

    Read the notes given by Simplilearn, keep the PMBOK next to you and refer to it for the terms you are not sure about, concentrate and you should finish in 10 days!

    After that, do exam questions, do the tests available at Simplilearn's site and RITA has a very good software, you might want to consider using it to answer questions, as it lets you review the answer without the need to end the exam plus it gives you stats and all. I cant remember the cost of the software but its a good way to prepare after the reading.. Do questions before the exam 100 at a time number of time a day for few days until you start scoring high! on this software you can do tests related to a certain Knowledge area or process group or a full exam! this way you will find which area you need to focus onn!

    Redo the exam, it aint hard, you need to be calm and relaxed, but prepared for sure!

    Do let me know if you need any help, I dont mind assisting anytime!


  6. Default Preparing ourselves for another attempt!!

    Hi Monica ,

    I guess you have a wonderful oppurtunity once again to become PMP certified . Now that the pressure(of passing the exam in the first attempt) is off , you can relax , and comfortably prepare yourself for your next attempt .
    You would now be able to realize your weaknesses better and prepare for them .

    Some of the issues that you could look at managing could be :

    1.Managing your time for preparation :

    Its really important to prioritize your preparation now to manage your study .
    For instance , if I were to give the exam once again , I would look at the importance of each of the 42 processes(in brief) and study their connectivity . I would then concentrate on the ITTO'S for each of them to understand them better . This way I could learn the ITTO'S much faster and I dont even need to memorize them .

    2.Managing your study

    We need to prepare well for the exam . There are some really good books in the market . We could pick up any one of them initially , to avoid confusion . Once we get a hang of things , we could read more to get a deeper understanding of the project management processes .

    We could also make a list of forums , websites , etc which could give us answers to all those tough questions in a short span of time . Forums like this could really help us get some good help from successful test takers .

    Practise tests also helps a lot in ensuring that we successfully pass the exam.
    We could practise as many tests as possible (even the 10,20,50 ones ) available on the internet . These practise tests enable us to understand the underlying concept behind every question .
    If we are able to get the underlying concept behind every question , the answers become more evident.

    3.Managing your anxieties/ fears / concerns
    Each one of us who are aspiring to be PMP certified have their own anxieties , fears , concerns . I personaly felt that we should never ignore them .They may be trying to convey something very important . We need to list out all those concerns and have an action plan for them .

    For instance , if I am weak in formula related questions , I could look out for all those websites, forums etc which gives me some good amount of practise and easy illustrations of the problems .

    4.Managing your actual exam
    It helps to have our own comfortable strategy for the actual exam .
    This helps us in avoiding too much time for any single question and revise our answers well .
    For instance , I had a stategy like this
    75 questions and a break(5 min)
    75 questions and a break(5 min)
    50 question an a break(5 min)

    This enabled me to complete my exam in 3 hours and I had the remaining time to revise well .You could have your own comfortable strategy here .

    This exam is all about planning , preparation and practise and we need to do that well . All the best for your next attempt !!

    Thanks & Regards

    Sabyasachi Gupta

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