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Thread: what are the three types of sla in itil

  1. Question what are the three types of sla in itil

    Hi can someone enlighten me about the three types of sla in ITIL ?

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    Hi, the typical Multi-level SLA Structure components are:

    1. Corporate level: All generic issues pertaining to the organization are covered, which are the same for the entire organization.

    For Example, Security SLA’s at the organization level. Every employee needs to have password of 8 characters and need to change it every thirty days, or every employee needs to have an access card with photograph imprinted.

    2. Customer level: Those issues specific to a customer can be dealt with.

    For Example, Security requirements of one or more departments within the organization are higher e.g. the financial department needs higher security measures.

    3. Service Level: All issues relevant to a specific service (in relation to customer) can be covered.

    For Example, The email services for a particular department, say management, needs encryption and secure backups.

    Jyoti Biradar

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